Whirling !


Whirling is the essential meditation of the Mevlevi Sufi path.

In whirling we join the inner movement of the universe, the spontaneous dance of existence. It is a path to unfold countless layers and dimensions of our self, surrender to them, and disappear.

Turning is an image of how the Dervish becomes an empty space where human and divine can meet; a spiritual remembrance of the Presence at the center of existence. A place where to dissolve our own ego.

Whirling is the spiritual journey of love towards truth, where the soul may reach a state of union, and then comes back to this life to share its love and joy. Sema, the whirling dance, is a moment of the Dervish spiritual journey which is going on every instant of his life, of those who walk the path of love, of those who search and remember the Divine in themselves and in existence.

"Your feet move into the dance. The whirling, you see, belongs to you,
And you belong to the whirling !
Just like the wind belongs to the universe." ∼Mevlana
"Dervish is the Sufi word for sannyas. You cannot believe it unless you experience, that just by whirling you can know yourself. No austerity is needed, no self-torture is needed, but just an experience of your innermost being and you are transported into another plane of existence from the mortal to the immortal. The darkness disappears and there is just eternal light.... It is not that the Dervish dances, God keep dancing in him. Whenever a wave of such divine rapture strikes the heart of the Sufi, it creates a wave in the lake of his inner being.... Something is pouring in him, and it is too much, it starts overflowing in his dancing and singing.... In reality, it is the wave of the ocean of God that are tossing and turning the anchor-less vessel that is the heart of the Sufi. His state is that of non-being...." ∼OSHO.
"I'm happy even before I have a reason.
I'm full of Light even before the sky can greet the sun or the moon.
Dear companions, we have been in love with God for so very, very long.
What can we now do but forever Dance!" ∼ Hafiz

Videha. Osho disciple since 1980. Initiated into the Mevlevi Sufi Order of Konya ("The Whirling Dervishes"), Videha integrates the Sufi Path into Osho's vision and love. For years as a Zazen meditation practitioner, he has traveled and trained in Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Central Asia, Tibet, where he got many initiations. He is leading groups, seminars, camps and meditation retreats all over the world since more then 25 years, uniting the path of love and the path of meditation.

"All the work is inspired by Osho teachings , my Master and an endless source of compassion and wisdom, an inexhaustible mine of Dharma teaching treasures".

"Meditation: The Silence of the mind, the Silence of the heart." ∼ Osho