Journey in Tibet

An inner pilgrimage

Traveling in Tibet may give the possibility of a rediscovering of an ancient and deep world which still exists, not only in the outer dimension; the power of its magic landscape, the atmosphere vibes, the intensity and authenticity of the people, the space and colors of the sky, may trigger in us the remembrance of a similar true and deep dimension still present in ourselves.

In this journey we will see places and meet situations that are still keeping a certain untouched dimension of what the spiritual tradition of Tibet have to offer to the human consciousness and its evolution.

We will travel through a region in the Kham area, one of the main province of Northern Tibet. Visiting natural places of great spiritual energy, monasteries, Tibetan villages, and places and situations particularly meaningful for Tibetan Buddhism.

This journey is also an opportunity to help and contribute to the project of Zhu Wang Cai Kun Rinpoche', a Kham Tibetan Master, of rebuilding a monastery, a school for the children of the local nomad population, and a small clinic. Rinpoche' will travel with us, sharing some of the Tibetan tradition teaching and wisdom.

Zhu Wang Cai Kun Rinpoche' was born in 1967, in Kham, North Tibet. He received, and accomplished, many teachings and initiations from all the 4 main Tibetan Buddhist schools (Niygma, Kagyu, Sakya, Gelugpa), specially the Mahamudra and Dzogchen teachings, considered the deepest teaching from all the traditions. Rinpoche' completed twice the traditional Tibetan meditation retreat of 3 years, 3 months, 3 days. He's an acknowledged master of the Phowa practice.

"The only country in the world who has devoted all his genius to the inner exploration is Tibet .... Tibet is the only country in the world who has worked with all his genius and all his intelligence, searching for the inner and its treasures .... Throughout its history it was an inner pilgrimage. Nowhere there has been such a concentrated effort to discover the being in the human being .... There were hundreds of monasteries in Tibet, and these monasteries should not be compared in any way to the Catholic monasteries. These monasteries have no comparison in the world. These monasteries were concerned only about one thing: make you aware of yourself. Over the centuries have been created thousands of ways to make your inner lotus blossom, and find your greatest treasure.... The whole world will benefit from their experience. And the world will need their experience."

"In the mountains there is an open market,
where the things of this world
can be exchanged for wisdom and bliss.
In the monastery of your heart and mind
lies a temple where all the Buddhas unite." ∼ Milarepa

"Meditation: The Silence of the mind, the Silence of the heart." ∼ Osho