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The Wind of Emptiness

Sufi-Zen Meditation Camp and Retreat


" Just as the bird has two wings let love and meditation be your two wings.

This powerful 21 days Meditation Camp is a profound and intense process structured in 3 parts. First week is a diving into the Sufi space of love and wisdom, second week a merging of the Path of Love and the Path of Meditation,third week sitting in Zazen, a returning to the silent source…

"Meditation and love together are supportive energies for each other. If you love, you will be able to meditate more deeply. If you meditate you will be able to love more totally, They go on helping each other. Slowly a pyramid is created in your consciousness. By the bricks of love and meditation one can reach the highest peak of existence.    ∼Osho

Italy:  1st∼21st August 2022.    


"Liberation through Hearing in the Bardo."


An Osho Meditation Retreat on the Bardo Teachings


“...Death is the crescendo, the highest peak that life can attain. In the moment of death much is possible. If you have been preparing and preparing, meditating and waiting, then at the moment of death enlightenment is very easily possible, because death and enlightenment are similar... ...If you have been preparing, if you have been meditating, and preparation means if you have been making all efforts to use death, to use this abyss of nothingness, rather than being pulled into it, you have been getting ready to jump into it, it makes a lot of difference...”

“I would like to teach you not only how to live,

I would also like to teach you how to die.”    ∼Osho

2nd  ∼ 8th October 2022. * In Italian only.

23rd  ∼ 29th October 2022. *In English only