There is a music which has no sound,
the soul is restless for such silent music.
There is a love in which the body is not,
the soul longs for such unembodied love.
There is a truth which has no form,
the soul longs for this formless truth.
When gladness glides
In the deep lake of silence,
Warm breath of love
Hums an unheard song.
When open sky is wide awake
Under thy gaze
Fog of doubt melts away
And fragrant breeze reveals
The sweet pollen of bliss.
The lake, the lotus,
And the unseen lover
Merge in one lightening thrill.
When the heart thirsts so much for truth, for peace, for religion,
One day you come face to face with the sun
Which dispels all life's darkness.
Thirst! Pray! Strive! Wait!
A journey of a thousand miles is covered
By small step, so don't lose heart.
Vast distances can be covered one step at a time,
And an ocean filled drop by drop.
I want my words ring in your ears, and their echo to carry you
Into that space where everything is silent, empty.
This is the way from words to emptiness.
There one meet oneself.
I'm in bliss.
Take my love, I've nothing else to offer,
It is my only wealth.
Words that come out of the depth and fullness of heart
Echo the infinite, just as a tiny flower expresses infinite beauty.
When love breathes life into words
What is expressed is not what is said, but what wants to be said.
Inside each of us there is a poet, there is poetry,
But because we live on the surface
These are never born.
Those who go deep awaken divine love
And this love fills their lives with music, beauty, peace and poetry.
Their very lives become music
And on this stage truth descends
That which is inaction in action,
Stillness in motion, eternity in change,
That is truth, and that is existence.
Real life lies in this eternity,
Everything else is just the stream of dreams.
In truth the world is just a dream
And the question is not whether to leave these dreams or not,
One has just to be aware of them.
With this awareness, everything changes.
Non attachment is not concerned with things
But with thoughts.
Non attachment is not related to the outside
But to the within.
Non attachment is no to do with the world
But with oneself.
When meditating, just meditate; the rest then happens by itself.
The way to God does not lie in our hands,
So leave yourself in his.
Surrender, surrender, surrender!
Remember always, surrender!
Sleeping or waking, remember!
Surrender is the only door to God.
Emptiness is the only boat that sails to him.